Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

2 0 Blum Inspirations mean tidying-up is child's play. And the HVAC system is hidden behind closed fronts with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in elegant ony x black. At home in Australia That feeling of being at home was something we also felt before Hüt t 01 was constructed. "We enjoyed get ting to know dif ferent countr ies, cultures and international architecture. But we really fell in love with Australia. We feel welcome here, enjoy the rela xed lifest yle and healthy work-life balance – the Australians really are the masters of this," says Felicit y Bernstein. At the same time, the t wo architects saw huge potential for environ- "CO2-neut ral and al l about l i fest yle: our re - generat ive architecture celebrates qual it y of l i fe and hav ing a posit ive ecolog ical ef fect."