Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

3 6 Blum Inspirations Why do your share your baking secrets online? I want to show people how easy it is to make something with just a few ingredients and your own hands, and to always know what 's in it – that 's what I want to get across. Anyone and ever yone can bake! I t 's clear that your shop is a labour of love. Which aspects were most important to you? I wanted to create a feelgood place with enough space for people to browse the shop and be inspired while enjoying a cof fee and some lit tle samples in peace and quiet. When I look around, it 's like I 'm in a dream. This is exactly how I imagined it. What was the most impor tant aspect during the planning stage? A spacious and convenient k itchen was the pr ior it y – it is still the bir thplace of many new ideas, books, maga zines and videos. You've integrated a lot of Blum prod - ucts – organisat ion and storage space must be impor tant to you? You can never have enough storage space and with this many utensils, a good dividing system is wor th its weight in gold. Baking inevitably results in a bit of 'chaos' and this means I can clear up and put ever y thing back in its place in no time at all. Do you feel more at home in the digital or the analogue world of baking? I tr y to find a balance. Without social media "Bak ing with Chr istina" would never have become what it is today. You can reach a lot of people, and hopefully inspire them, via the internet. But in-person conversations are most impor tant to me. It helps me find out what people like and where we can improve or develop. This feedback is incredibly useful – both analogue and digital. A B O U T Food blogger, author, parent, Chr istina Bauer 's energy knows no bounds. She lives at the Bramlhof farm near Salzburg, Austr ia, which has been in the family since 1532, with her husband, children and guests from all over the wor ld. She has turned her passion for bak ing into a career, has 124,000 followers on Instagram and a successful food blog. In 2018 she received the Copa Innovation Award for women farmers. backenmitchrist ina. at Find out more