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37 Blum Inspirations Where do you call home in 'real life'? My home is in Bramlhof in Gör iach – this is where I can recharge my bat ter ies, spend time with family and rela x. Work ing at the farm is also my hobby. I also feel at home in my baker y. This isn' t something I take for granted, it 's something for which I 'm ver y grateful. • Mix the milk and egg. Add the flour and yeast. Mix in the salt, sugar and room-temperature but ter. Knead it all into a smooth dough and let it sit covered for around 30 minutes. Make eight equally long strands from the dough and plait them. Brush with whisked egg, spr ink le some nib sugar on and bake for approximately 25 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees (fan oven). TIP: The braided bread is per fect for freezing! 250 ml lukewarm milk 1 egg 7 g salt 10 0 g sugar 650 g wheat flour t ype 70 0 42 g fresh yeast (= 1 cube) or t wo packets of dr y yeast , each 7 g 10 0 g room -temperature but ter 1 egg for the egg wash Nib sugar for sprinkling Sonntagszopf (Sw iss braided bread)