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3 9 Blum Inspirations Clean eating Clean eaters eat only natural foods as far as possible. Ready meals and fast food are avoided. This applies to all processed foods – including bread, oils and fats, salt and sugar and so on. Clean eaters t ypically prepare meals in bowls. Paleo A return to the stone age. This diet permits ever y thing that prehistor ic man could hunt or gather. Grains and legumes are out because there was no cultivation. Str ictly speak ing, dair y products should not be consumed either. Af ter all, you cannot milk a wild animal. Keto The ketogenic diet is a t ype of low carb diet. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are not on the menu. You can eat a lot of fat. The lack of carbohydrates induces the metabolic state of ketosis, dietar y fats are conver ted and used for energy. A focus on animal welfare and the climate Proportion of vegans as a % – on the rise Source: Statista Global Consumer Survey 2021 India 13.4 % China 4.8% USA 4.0 % Germany 3.2 % Bra zil 1.5 %