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3 8 Blum Inspirations Happier, healthier eating Vegan Vegans do not eat any food of animal or igin. This means no fish or meat and no eggs, milk, honey or products that contain gelatine. Nutr itional requirements are met eating by vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. Climatarian To reduce their CO2 footpr int, climatar ians tr y to minimise the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production and transpor t of their food. This means favour ing regional products and avoiding plastic packaging. Vegetarian Vegetar ians only or predominately eat plant-based foods. They avoid meat, fish and poultr y. Lacto-vegetar ians also consume dair y products and lacto- ovo vegetar ians also eat eggs. Pescatar ians eat fish, while flexitar ians eat meat occasionally. Eating habits are changing for the bet ter around the world – both for the ecosystem and for people. There is greater awareness of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our diet. Health and personal well-being is becoming increasingly impor tant. People are eating less meat or a purely plant-based diet. Take a look at our over view.