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57 Blum Inspirations "Gloss finishes are out. Customers are now af ter natural, matt sur faces." When it comes to trends in inter ior design, wood is back. It 's long shaken of f its rustic image, and of fers an array of advantages. Wood of fers designers an immense amount of scope – both inside and out. Residents love the feel- good atmosphere that wooden finishes and fix tures generate. It has a positive ef fect on the indoor climate, is a tactile exper ience, and a timeless look that goes with many st yles. A material full of character Wood is regarded as an all-rounder with sustainable character. As a renewable raw mater ial, it ef fectively binds harmful CO2 and can be processed as old wood and re-used. "There is a cer tain charm to machining old wood that has been exposed to weather and sunlight for many years," explains Clément Goudet from Monts et Mer veilles, the renowned French design and carpentr y studio. Nestled at the edge of the French Alps, the company has made a name for itself in inter ior design and fit tings for chalets and exclusive sk i huts. Contemporar y wood design sets trends The studio deliberately uses old wood with a distinct grain. "Together with modern lines and contemporar y mater ials, we create the per fect balance bet ween modern and old," explains Goudet. Untreated raw mater ials are used for all projects. This applies not only to wood, but also steel, tex tiles, wool and stone. The aim is to maintain as much of the mater ial's raw, or iginal character as possible. Wood is therefore only minimally processed, its natural lines and irregular ities are emphasised. A focus on sustainabilit y The choice of wood depends on the design and the client 's wishes. All the same, Monts et Mer veilles mainly uses regional larch wood, which is valued by cabinet makers and customers for its natural proper ties: it is resistant to moisture, mould and insects. "The traceabilit y of the wood is impor tant to us, we source it locally. The cer tified wood comes from forests within 10 k ilometres."