Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

5 8 Blum Inspirations A love for wood and craf t For Clément Goudet, wood is the focal point of his creative work. "I have nothing bad to say about wood. Its tactile nature is incredibly appealing. It 's great to work with and can be enr iched with other mater ials to create contemporar y designs." There is one other essential aspect for Clément - enjoying his work. And it is clear that he loves ever y step of each project, guaranteeing high qualit y and satisfied customers. Pure luxur y Clément Goudet and his team draw inspiration on their travels, at trade fairs and above all, from nature. And what comes nex t? "We incorporate the needs and wishes of our, of ten ver y exacting, clientèle into our work and take the harmony of the space and existing objects into account. Occasionally the planning process will even take t wo years, to deliver optimum results by work ing in close collaboration. What could be nicer than furniture made of wood that comes from a forest that is vir tually on your doorstep? Our customers appreciate such details and so they of ten give us free rein." Technology and innovat ion Speak ing of details, almost all of the furniture fit tings that Monts et Mer veilles uses are from Blum. "I 'm a huge fan of Blum products," says Goudet. The qualit y and reliabilit y is excellent. "At the moment, we are mainly using hinges in ony x black with individually coordinated cover caps, as these suit the current design trends. This has even become our sor t of trademark. The LEGRABOX box system with its linear and narrow sides is also ver y popular in our projects." The designer also thinks highly of Blum's innovation process and R&D work, which he was able to see for himself dur ing a tour of the plant in Austr ia. "We want to be the first to utilise the latest products and innovations from Blum." •