Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

6 5 Blum Inspirations Or iginally constructed as a barn for hay and car ts, this listed farm building situated in the hear t of Dornbirn is now a residential building with character and soul, ideal for the whole family. "The building can now fulfil a dif ferent purpose from its or iginal function for a while. This transformation was only possible thanks to the solid foundations," explains Julia Kick. "We kept our inter ventions to a minimum to preser ve the building's character as far as possible." A shining example of sustainabilit y Julia Kick talks about her barn like an old fr iend. And she is a strong believer in the protection of histor ic buildings. Without such initiatives, the barn would have been torn down long ago. Preser vation orders protect old buildings from being demolished to make way for soulless standard units. "For me, renovating existing buildings is a key aspect of sustainabilit y. In fact, I regard the buildings from the 1960s as valuable. These days, costs are cut at P H O T O G R A P H E R A N G E L A L A M P R E C H T L O C A T I O N D O R N B I R N | A U S T R I A A R C H I T E C T J U L I A K I C K A R C H I T E C T S Buildings that tell a story Working with the existing fabric of a building requires thinking outside the standard box of solutions. This is architect Julia Kick's favourite activity. Her first, independent and multi-award-winning project has propelled her into the young architecture scene in Vorarlberg. We spoke to her about the revitalisation of the Josef Weiss farm building from the 19th centur y.