Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

6 6 Blum Inspirations ever y turn in construction and this means that most of the proper ties built today simply won' t see a second life." Love at first sight It was just as she first went it alone that Julia became aware of the barn. "I immediately got this good feeling that I could make something out of this building," she says. The fabr ic of the building was on view and convinced her to take on the project. There was nothing standing in the way. "We defined cer tain requirements in advance: suf ficient space for the newly-founded architect 's of fice, retaining the facade, and re-using the floor ing. I definitely also wanted to preser ve the tall opening which used to be used for the hay car ts. There's now a huge gla zed door there. This was custom-built so that the entrance opens up fully."