Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

6 8 Blum Inspirations "For me, renovation is an important part of sustainability." not authentic and it 's unnecessar ily expensive. You should be able to see what 's old and what 's new. This is what creates an honest result." The past is the future Af ter the barn project and ensuing awards, she received numerous requests to renovate old buildings. "This is definitely one of our key areas and at the same time it is ex tremely complex. You need the r ight clients and the r ight team," she stresses. And one thing needs to be clear: a renovated house is not a new build. "If clients are struggling to understand this, I advise them to do a new build instead.“ Julia Kick's clients are highly aware of sustainabilit y issues, regional mater ials and modern heating systems. "In contrast, my customers tend to be less interested in aspects such as smar t homes. Quite the opposite in fact. Error-prone 'gadgets' of ten go hand in hand with considerable maintenance costs. Many want to save themselves the stress and expense." Architecture for people What architectural dream would Julia like to fulfil nex t? "I would like to do something that appeals to many people. Something public, a bigger residential building with enough space for a lot of people. A project in which I can make my thoughts and perhaps also my cr iticism of residential development visible and perceptible. •