Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

67 Blum Inspirations Craf tsmanship and exper t ise Julia has a lot of positive memor ies from the build. "We did a lot of the work ourselves but we also worked with craf tspeople, building physics engineers, and fire safet y, and that was all really exciting." Due to the building's listed status, there were more options open to her than with heavily regulated new builds. "This made the whole project somewhat more rela xed. We considered ever y angle individually and were able to react spontaneously to mat ters that arose dur ing the course of the project." For example, the HVAC technology in the barn is visible in places, but in harmony with the existing elements. "I took a pret t y pragmatic approach to this. Any where where it would have been too complex to integrate it, we lef t it visible. I don' t think much of old-st yle radiators, light switches and that k ind of thing. It 's "You bui ld to last a long t ime, so the fabr ic of the bui ld ing should be sustainable and changeable."