Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

8 3 Blum Inspirations Our physical abilities and changes determine our living requirements. To reproduce these as closely as possible, the Blum Requirements Research team uses tools such as the AgeExplorer® simulation suit. This simulates the physical limitations that t ypically occur with age and helps us to identif y a wide range of barr iers in all living spaces. The findings are used to develop product solutions which provide ma ximum convenience with regard to ergonomics and user fr iendliness, benefiting manufacturers and end customers alike. Manufacturers can improve the advice they give and respond bet ter to users' needs, ultimately providing them with an individual and ergonomically-tailored living space. Problem zones near to the ground Cer tain components of the AgeExplorer® suit – such as the straps – simulate stif f joints. These make it dif ficult to bend down and lif t out items, which is most noticeable with doors and fixed shelves in base cabinets. In contrast, drawers with full ex tension enable easy access, even into the fur thest corner. A greater grasp Special gloves reduce fine motor sk ills and gr ip strength. Practical tests have Optimum convenience for a relaxing life How do you design a home so that the space and furniture adds to your well-being in ever y chapter of life? So that small obstacles don' t become huge challenges? With careful planning, there are clever ways to ensure your home remains comfor table as you age, for example. Or to ensure that nothing slows you down at home should you break a leg or become pregnant. Blum carries out ongoing research into such solutions.