Julius Blum GmbH, Beschlaegefabrik

8 4 Blum Inspirations shown that inner dividing systems make it easier to grasp small utensils. One-touch opening for drawers is also highly practical. This is par ticular ly useful for waste bin pull- outs as these are opened frequently, of ten when your hands are full. Integrated sof t close technology also means no more noisy closing of pull- outs, doors or fronts. Overhead problem zones By ar tificially restr icting movement, the AgeExplorer® demonstrates how cumbersome it can be to use doors in wall cabinets. What 's more, a limited field of vision of ten results in painful collisions with the cabinet doors. Cabinet fronts that open upwards and stop in any position are the ideal solution in this case, as they ensure complete freedom of movement and keep fronts well out of the way. A mechanical or electr ical opening suppor t system also makes life easier. An intelligent plinth solution as a practical step which also happens to of fer fur ther storage space is well wor th it, especially with tall or wall cabinets. Barrier-free design for all It 's not just older people who benefit from ergonomic solutions. We can make life easier and more convenient for ever yone thanks to clever design ideas. It 's impor tant to consider natural dif ferences such as height in the planning stage. You should also think about how your life may change in the long term. By doing so, you will be well equipped to face the future. •